October News

October News


Hello hello!  The fall is a time when we *should* start slowing down but it doesn't really happen because this month is the one last chance to catch your breath before the holiday season starts its swing.  And well, I'm already feeling the pressure of Halloween because here in Santa Cruz, Halloween is huge.  There are so many brilliantly creative and crafty folks making awesome costumes that you kinda get swept up in it.... although the super busy part of me is wondering "couldn't I just go to Target...." But I can't.  At least my daughter has opted out of being an otter and decided to be Starfire from Teen Titans, and I think that will be easier?

Here's what's going on in October and a recap of September, where did that month go?

Meet me at Makery Mill Valley!

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 6.06.22 PM.png

I am super excited to be heading up to magical Mill Valley on October 14 to teach a weaving workshop at the Makery Mill Valley.  Check out all the lovely classes they have going on.  Jane is doing an amazing job creating a welcoming and inspiring space for people to come and make beautiful things.  I totally relate to her about page too. 

And I cannot wait to team up with über talented stylist Laura Cook for a styling and mobile photography workshop at Home/Work on October 29th!  I've been wanting to do this forever but had to wait until everything was right.  And now I am so psyched to bring this passion out to share.  Check out the details here!

There may be a few more workshops that pop up at Wallflower Boutique in October, if you want to stay in the loop follow me on IG !


I want to thank all the wonderful people who attended my workshops and made new friends and awesome crafts.  And a huge thanks to the shops that allow me to share my love of making with others, couldn't do it with out you!  Thanks Wallflower Boutique and annieglass!


And some fun stuff

I'm getting curious about Tarot cards!  I bought this beautiful deck from LulaMae and am diving in.  The first card I pulled is The Empress who, according to the handy app that comes with the deck, is pure love and creation.  How awesome is that?


And still enjoying late summer harvests--especially the juicy sweet tomatoes and delicate + randomly spicy padrón peppers, pan seared and served with salt.  Perfect with a beer on these 80 degree days.


Stay well and thanks for reading!