Available on Etsy !

I was inspired by leap year and having an extra day to take a leap and do something special.  I opened a shop on etsy to sell my weavings.  Etsy really makes it pretty easy to set up a shop but there are lots of steps and things to think about.  I know I'll be learning and making adjustments along the way but wow, it is cool to be part of the etsy community!

So I thought I would show you some of my weavings and tell you about my shop.

The shop name is Steph Michelet, because I just like the personal feel of using my own name.  There are lots of really cute and creative shop names out there though! 

I work at home next to the heater and a big window.  It's so cozy to work where is is warm and light.  I live in Quebec so the heater is pretty much always going.

I currently have two looms.  One for small projects and a custom made giant loom I use for creating large works and diptyques.  I'm working on a huge piece right now and it is so soft, I just want to lie down on it.  But I don't, I promise.

I can't live without being surrounded by yarns and different materials.  I love selecting the yarns and seeing the weaving take form.

I use many types of materials.  If the color and texture draws me in then I'll go for it, even if I am not sure what exactly I will use it for.  I figure the project will present itself and it's best to be prepared.  I love natural fibers but I use synthetics and alternative materials too because there are a lot of amazing things out there and I don't like to limit myself.

I'm inspired by keeping an open heart and mind.  I will see something out of the corner of my eye and begin imagining a woven version of it.  That really excites me and is a big reason I love weaving, I see so much possibility!

Here are some examples of weavings I currently have in my shop on etsy.  I hope you like them.